Autumn - Kiddal Quarry Farm


And now

more than ever before

my favourite season

the crisper air

the nod to winter

of longer nights

of more sleep

and low sunsets

of bright moons

and early stars

the changing colours

of the leaves

and their flutter

and fall

across my walking feet

the robin's call

where has he been?

that feeling

the internal clock

of settling in

of curling up

and regenerating

of slowing down

and clearing out

in readiness

for next spring

it is the excitement

of new life

but at a slower speed

it is the changing focus

it is time to breathe

to let summer sink in

send thanks for the bounty

and watch the transition

it is time for me

a pocketful of seeds

of strongly scented

evergreen wreaths

of drying flowers

hanging from the eaves

and a cold frame

full of cuttings

of taking new from old

in anticipation of growth

a leap of faith

a show of patience

it is time to stop

and take stock

of all the things

that have been forgotten

in summer's haste

and invite them back in

for me the main thing lost

was poetry

but here I am

back on the page

and as ever

my muse

my inspiration

welcomes me

all it takes

is just be still

and quiet

and feel

and slowly

the world transforms

into poetry

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