Funeral flowers

Hello and thanks for visiting my funeral flowers page. Firstly, if you’ve recently lost a loved one, I’m so sorry. You’ve come to the right place to find a truly beautiful and unique tribute.

I would be honoured to create a personal floral arrangement to remember someone you’ve loved, with flowers from my garden (or yours), grown and created in a way that is beneficial rather than harmful to the environment. All of my funeral arrangements are compostable, with no toxic floral foam, and each arrangement will be made bespoke based on your wishes with the most beautiful flowers in season in England. I don’t use imported flowers in my work but I may use flowers from another British grower on occasion. 

Casket Spray 

I offer two different types of casket spray, each in multiple sizes. 


These casket sprays are made up of multiple smaller sheafs and bouquets that are tied together, and can easily be untied / snipped apart to decorate the wake and distribute to family and friends at the end. Simply take 3 or 4 vases to the venue and snip the string tying the bouquets to the base. If you’d like a size not listed, please just ask. 

140cm / 4.5 feet: £285
100cm / 3.5ft: £225
70cm / 2ft: £175

Non deconstructable

These casket sprays are made using a bamboo and moss base, so it is a single structure that cannot easily be taken apart. Perfect for leaving in place as it will fully break down (no plastic or toxins) over time. If you’d like a size not listed, please just ask. 

120cm: £255
100cm: £225
70cm: £175


Something a little simpler and more affordable, I can create a flat backed sheaf of flowers and foliage in a range of sizes. The stems will be wrapped in hemp fibre, biodegradable bags and a piece of hessian to prevent the flowers becoming dehydrated. 

70cm: £85
50cm: £65

Living wreath

Made on a willow base using living plants mixed with cut flowers and foliage depending on what is in season. The wreath can be left in place or eventually deconstructed and the plants planted into the ground or the garden. 

Small size (approx 4/5 plants and 30cm across): £35
Medium size (approx 7 plants and 40cm): £50
Large size (approx 10 plants and 45cm): £65



Made on a homegrown willow base, with a mix of seasonal cut flowers and foliage, these natural style, foliage-focused wreaths are another fully compostable option. Measurements are the approximate diameter of the finished wreath. 

70cm: £75
50cm: £60

If you’re looking for something not listed here, please still get in touch. I am happy to create smaller posies, garlands and bouquets on request.

If you’d like to order from me, please fill out the contact form on the contact page of this website letting me know the date and location of the funeral and I’ll confirm whether I can help - we’ll then have a chat about the flowers and I’ll send you an invoice once we’ve decided on the best option. You can either collect the funeral flowers to take with you to the burial, or I can deliver them to the funeral director so they can travel with the coffin. 

Thanks for reading! 

Sammie x 

“A very belated thank you for creating such a lovely spray for Dad’s funeral.  It was exactly as we had wanted - so natural and seasonal and it looked really beautiful on his wool coffin. So perfect for a wool broker & farmer.  Thank you.” Sarah-Jane