Meat, eggs, fruit & veg

A chance to buy our native breed Red Poll beef, slow grown on our Yorkshire grass.

We are very proud to offer our own beef for sale direct from the farm, grown sustainably on grass, hay and minerals via a regenerative practice called mob grazing that is healthier for the soil and the livestock, whilst also improving biodiversity on the farm.

Red Polls are a traditional native breed renowned for the exceptional tenderness and deep flavour of the meat. Being grass-fed means the meat contains more Omega 3 fatty acids and antioxidants than grain-fed beef.  Our butcher hangs the meat for over 3 weeks to allow the full flavour to develop before vacuum packing and labelling. 

We are now selling our beef, along with eggs and other farm produce via the Open Food Network, please visit our shop for more details.  We grow our fruit & veg without using any chemicals, medicines are used on the livestock only where essential for health & welfare reasons.

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Pastoral scene of farm with sheep in foreground and cattle lying in a group.