About us

Hello. This is me; the voice of the website. A mud-on-my-face and straw-in-my-hair flower farmer with an unstoppable flair for the dramatic. How I ended up a solicitor instead of on stage will remain one of life's great mysteries. But I finally made it back home, to a place I love, and I could not be happier to be spending my days tending plants surrounded by the people I love most in the world. Oh, and writing about it.

My brother Peter is hard to summarise. But I suppose all you really need to know is that he is fiercely passionate about what he does and that he is fiendishly clever. I consider myself very fortunate to be working with one of my favourite people. We make a great team. He is all the things I am not; practical, logical, patient, reserved. He makes me a better person, just by existing. EDIT: Pete has moved away, but I’m keeping him here because all of this remains true and relevant to our story :-)

My Mum Elaine is behind everything, our green fingered teacher, supporting everyone and taking care of all of us humans, sheep, cows, ducks, chickens and guinea fowl. Mum is the seed behind our ideas, and the reason we are all here together, doing what we're doing. Mum works tirelessly, both on and off the farm, to tread lightly on the planet, and her daily decisions and unwavering dedication are a source of constant inspiration. She knows the name of almost every plant I've ever asked after, and has a heart big enough to love them all. Interestingly, my Mum’s Mum and Dad ran a plant nursery, and my Granny Wilkinson used to sell fresh and dried flowers when I was small. It very much feels like this path was laid out for me.

My Dad, Mark Hall, has been sheep farming since he was a small boy, working for his Dad, who worked on the farm with his Dad before him. Farming goes back many generations on my Dad’s side of the family, it is in our blood, in our genes. My Dad is an old school farmer with a gruff exterior but a big heart, raising animals is not his job but rather his way of being, an integral part of who he is. Without my Dad’s passion for and unwavering commitment to farming we wouldn’t be here on this land, we wouldn’t be farmers. And I’m super grateful that we are. 

Our story 

After leaving the farm in our teens, both my brother Peter and I returned over recent years to add our own contributions into the mix, taking the farm in a new direction, focusing more on our stewardship of the land and our relationship to our community. 

But it’s time to update our story and explain that my brother has taken the decision to step away from the farm, at least for the time being, and that our vision for the future has therefore been put on hold. My parents continue to farm sheep and cattle, and I am committed to growing flowers, and that is enough for all of us for now. Perhaps our agroforestry project will come to fruition one day, perhaps it won’t; who knows what the future holds.